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December 16, 2016
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Best Coaching Pedigree

Best Coaching Pedigree

Pete Carroll is the defending Super Bowl champ, which gives him the momentum. He also won the 2005 BCS Championship with USC and brought that team to the title game the following year. But Belichick is a bona fide legend: three Super Bowl wins and six Super Bowl appearances, not to mention two more championships as an assistant. He's not the friendliest guy, but he wins as well as anyone. ADVANTAGE: PATRIOTS

Highest Integrity

Pete Carroll committed recruiting violations at USC and had wins expunged due to certain players receiving excessive benefits. Not a high-integrity track record, granted. But Belichick's Patriots have the reputation of serial cheaters: first Spygate, and now Deflategate. There's just no defending the Patriots from an ethical stance. ADVANTAGE: SEAHAWKS

Best Tailgate Experience

Seahawks fans deserve credit, but the Gronk bus brings the party. If you can find the Gronkowski's, you're at the center of the tailgating universe. And it's not just the First Family of Partying that wins this for New England: Boston knows how to have a good time. It's a runaway. ADVANTAGE: PATRIOTS

Highest IntegrityBest Uniforms

The Seahawks haven't always been pretty, but their current green-and-blue combo sure do look classy - and they fit the aesthetic of Seattle quite nicely. The Patriots, aside from minor alterations, have more or less maintained a look they've been sporting since the 90s. It's nice and all, but the new hotness wins out here. ADVANTAGE: SEAHAWKS

Best Brew

Sam Adams exists in a gray area where it's either a fantastic mainstream beer or a bad microbrew. Sometimes you're grateful to have it as an option, sometimes you avoid it. Seattle, meanwhile, has no shortage of great beer to choose from. Mac & Jack's is one of its better-known local beers, and it's tough to find outside of the Pacific Northwest. If you haven't tried it, you should. ADVANTAGE: SEAHAWKS

Most Famous Fan: Chris Pratt vs. Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is as synonymous with Boston as almost any other celebrity is with their hometown. No diss to Wahlberg, but there are few stars shining brighter than Chris Pratt right now. Between Guardians of the Galaxy and this summer's Jurassic Park, Pratt is one of the biggest movie stars out there. ADVANTAGE: SEAHAWKS

Best Iconic Food: Coffee vs. Boston Cream Pie

They pair well together. But on their own, one is the elixir of life. The other is a pie. ADVANTAGE: SEAHAWKS

Best Tailgate ExperienceSeahawk vs. Patriot: Who Wins a Fight?

Hard to envision a seahawk doing too much damage to a person. We're picking the guy holding a musket. ADVANTAGE: PATRIOTS

Best Citywide Fire: 1889 Seattle vs. 1872 Boston

Seattle and Boston were home to some of the largest urban fires in U.S. history. Seattle's blaze destroyed the city's central business district, leveling the area and prompting the city to rebuild streets and buildings over the rubble - the downtown area now sits 22 feet higher than the original burned roads. But Boston's fire was much bigger, causing more than $70 million in damage and killing at least 30 people. ADVANTAGE: PATRIOTS

Best Movie: Sleepless in Seattle vs. Good Will Hunting

Sleepless in Seattle is fine, if you're in to that sort of thing. But Good Will Hunting is just the best of many great Boston films, including Boondock Saints, The Fighter and The Departed. If you combine the movies from both cities, Sleepless in Seattle maybe lands as the fifth-best movie. Boston's movie cred is serious. ADVANTAGE: PATRIOTS

Best Franchise Legacy

Yes, Seattle seems to be on the cusp of dynasty talk. But there's not much else to pad the Seahawks resume. New England, on the other hand, has three Super Bowl wins since 2001 and a consistent track record of winning in this century. Maybe in five years Seattle will have a better case. ADVANTAGE: PATRIOTS

Historical Relevance: Early Tech Giants vs. Bunker Hill

America, Revolution, Freedom. Boston is pretty important as one of the central characters in America's fight for independence. Of course, Bill Gates helped change the world with Microsoft and the personal computer, and fellow Seattle titan Amazon completely changed the retail world. All very impressive things, but history opened the doors for those achievements. ADVANTAGE: PATRIOTS

Best Band: Nirvana vs. Aerosmith

This one's tough. Aerosmith is considered by many to be one of the great rock groups of all time. Nirvana, meanwhile, was one of the most prominent grunge bands to emerge from that era. But Nirvana has also crossed the divide from popular band to iconic act, and its central role in the grunge scene - which started in Seattle - makes it a more integral piece of that city's history. ADVANTAGE: SEAHAWKS

Best Uniforms Best Brew Most Famous Fan: Chris Pratt vs. Mark Wahlberg Best Iconic Food: Coffee vs. Boston Cream Pie
Happy Dance by ScoutPack - Music Video - New England Patriots
Happy Dance by ScoutPack - Music Video - New England Patriots
New England Patriots
New England Patriots
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New England Patriots 2015 Music Video
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