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August 18, 2014
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Is there a place for musicians in the 21st century?

YES. NEC is one of the preeminent conservatories in the world and the oldest independent music school in the United States. We know something of music’s place in a changing world. To that end, we’ve reinvented how we equip young musicians to thrive amidst the challenges they find after graduation. Our mission doesn’t change—we educate and nurture exceptionally gifted musicians to perform at the highest levels of accomplishment. But today, performance excellence is the starting point. Musicians must be more than virtuosi; they must be their own businesses.

Musical entrepreneurship can be seen as a set of valuable skills—creative and critical thinking, communication proficiency, financial management, programming, and marketing among others—but it's more than the sum of its parts. It’s a synthesis of your musical passions and a mindset of self efficacy that will drive you to lead the way forward in music. NEC’s Entrepreneurial Musicianship (EM) department guides a student from being the best musician he or she can be to being the best working, contributing, successful musician possible.

What does EM look like?

The EM Department opened its doors in fall of 2010 and involves students, alumni, faculty and administration in core curriculum, special projects and myriad opportunities for experiential learning. In 2011, the EM Department and the Career Services Center merged in order to expand and centralize the services we offer to students, alumni and the broader NEC community.

In these pages you will find information about the core EM initiatives: entrepreneurial grants, , the EM Series, performance projects, the advisor network, internship and fellowship opportunities, and our own entrepreneurial venture, , NEC's online database for ongoing opportunities in music and new home to the -a clearing house for paid gigs in Boston and beyond.

Contact us

Rachel Roberts
Director of Entrepreneurial Musicianship

Eva Heinstein
Assistant Director, Entrepreneurial Musicianship

Program Manager, Entrepreneurial Musicianship

Tim Shneier
Coordinator, EM Music Referral Service, Entrepreneurial Musicianship

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