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July 1, 2016
Ghost the Musical


Fresh from London, Broadway and the National Tour of North America, GHOST THE MUSICAL is now available for YOUR theatre. Whether a minimal, low-tech, small performance space or a traditional large theater supporting special effects, the brilliant story of GHOST THE MUSICAL is ready for theatres like yours to embrace. Your production concept. Your design. With your vision and expertise, the technical elements of the show can be reimagined to bring this story to stages everywhere!

Adapted from the hit film by its Academy Award-winning screenwriter, Bruce Joel Rubin, GHOST THE MUSICAL follows Sam and Molly, a young couple whose connection takes a shocking turn after Sam’s untimely death. Trapped between two worlds, Sam refuses to leave Molly when he learns she is in grave danger. Desperate to communicate with her, he turns to a storefront psychic, Oda Mae Brown, who helps him protect Molly and avenge his death.

Nominated for 3 Tony Awards and 5 Olivier Awards

"Genuine theatrical magic!"
- Daily Express

"An amazing staging. Incredibly imaginative. Spectacular."
- Front Row - BBC Radio 4

"Ghost has wit and heart and can really, properly dazzle."
"A dazzling display of undying love. Resistance is futile."
- The London Times

"Genuinely moving, brilliantly funny."
- Sunday Telegraph

"Gasp-inducing ingenuity and technical wizardry make Ghost the Musical an unearthly hit."
- Evening Standard

"A new West End hit has landed. 'GHOST THE MUSICAL is a gleaming piece of stagecraft whose smoke, mirrors, full-throttle heartache and beguiling special effects put it light years ahead of many of its competitors."
- Time Out

GHOST THE MUSICAL is eye-poppingly brilliantî
- Associated Press

"...unlike anything seen onstage before!"
"Believe in love, believe in fate, believe in forever with GHOST THE MUSICAL

- Newsday

USA and Canada: GHOST the Musical is available* for licensing throughout North America.
*Some geographical and advertising restrictions may apply.



Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen are deeply in love. Their history together is full of happy memories, vacations, photographs and now a newly shared apartment in Brooklyn - they can't afford Manhattan! Sam is a high-powered banker who has control of numerous accounts and millions and millions of dollars. He works with Carl Bruner, a good friend who comes round to the apartment and shares take-aways and beers with Sam and Molly. Molly is an artist, often working from home, hence the need for the large loft apartment. Perhaps the only downside to their idyllic existence is Sam's inability to tell Molly that he loves her, only ever using the word "ditto."

Out together one night, Sam and Molly are set upon by a mugger, intent on stealing Sam's wallet. Sam offers him money, but this is not enough for the mugger, Willie Lopez, who is fixated with the wallet, which we later learn contains the passwords to the accounts which Sam has control of. In the struggle that ensues, a shot rings out. As Sam staggers away from Willie, he notices that Molly is crouched desperately over a body. His body.

Sam's body is taken to hospital, where he dies on the operating table. Sam's ghost is stuck between worlds, confused and alone, until he is befriended by a friendly ghost who explains about his current situation. Sam begins to learn how the spirit world works, but he cannot do the one thing that he needs to do, which is communicate with Molly.

Sam finds himself at the parlour of Oda Mae Brown, a dodgy psychic who specialises in conning money our of vulnerable widows. He realises that Oda Mae can hear him and he persuades her to visit Molly. Initially cynical, Molly begins to believe Oda Mae when she tells her private things about her life with Sam. However, in the background, Carl is determined that Molly should not believe Oda Mae. Sam follows Carl to the flat of Willie Lopez, believing that he is going to confront him, only to discover that the mugging was at Carl's instigation, with the purpose of obtaining the passwords and transferring money from Sam's accounts to his.

Molly finds it harder and harder to cope with Sam's loss and, despite Carl's best efforts to help her to forget her fiance, Molly sinks further into her grief.

Meanwhile, Sam is working to thwart Carl's plan. With the help of a ghost on the subway, he learns how to move objects with the power of his mind, before beginning to haunt Carl, typing the word "murderer" onto his computer screen. Of course, Carl does not see Sam, so is traumatised by this turn of events.

Sam persuades Oda Mae to help him once more, this time to become a fictitious account customer, the owner of an account that Carl has created as part of his scam. As "Rita Miller", Oda Mae enters the bank and makes a withdrawal, with Sam giving her pointers to stop her real identity being revealed. Oda Mae can't believe her ears when she is told that she is about to withdraw $10 million and leaves, somewhat unsteadily, with a bankers cheque made out to this amount.

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