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July 7, 2016
Applause at The Bridewell

This course encourages an intellectual and practice-based interrogation of both the work and ‘workings’ within musical theatre. It encourages the actor/singer to have a respect for the various demands of both written text and musical score.

It is intended for those students who have a practical expertise in performance and wish to develop these skills in actor-singer training further to enable entry to the professional world of performance. The individual exploration of ‘sense over sound’ is a notable and distinctive feature of this course.

This innovative and unique BA course is a four year specialist degree course with an intensive practical first year at foundation level to consolidate essential performance and audition skills necessary for a comprehensive training to take place in the final three years of study.

It is understood that many students have an interest in musical theatre but are not always secure in the performance skills necessary to communicate an effective sense of character and truth. The foundation year of the course aims to develop specific individual skills and will concentrate on the actor-singer and so give a wide variety of opportunities to discover the important elements of the industry.

Postgraduate courses

An intensive, exciting and innovative curriculum preparing graduates and professionals for the world of work.

This innovative course will embrace the ideas associated with the repertory ‘system’ of training and acknowledge both a conservatory style training and the academic world of study. The production-based curriculum, located close to the heart of the West End, will provide a relevant and dynamic training at a personal and ensemble level.

What our students say

Jessica Pegram I've found that studying at London College of Music is like being a part of a very supportive network. All tutors are on hand to help, assist and inspire you to be your best on a daily basis. Students in all years are given the opportunity to work together and share knowledge. It's very difficult to 'suffer in silence' here purely because of the caring nature from everyone at LCM.

Jessica Pegram, Musical Theatre 2013-2016

LCM has been an essential platform for me to create a successful path into the industry. The intense passion and drive that the Musical Theatre and Acting staff have at LCM is nothing but infectious inspiring us to find our own path to be well rounded, disciplined and unique performers. The many opportunities of working with industry professionals within the field of musical theatre, has been one of the many rewarding experiences during my training and education at LCM.

Kent singer joins London School of Musical Theatre
Kent singer joins London School of Musical Theatre
Hope - London School of Musical Theatre
Hope - London School of Musical Theatre
Brenda Bly:Teen Detective - London School of Musical Theatre
Brenda Bly:Teen Detective - London School of Musical Theatre
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