Rock of Ages musical London

November 19, 2016
It has great singing

Shayne WardImage caption The Broadway production was nominated for five Tony Awards, but did not win.

Hit Broadway musical Rock Of Ages, which opened in London's West End this week, has received mixed reviews from critics.

The show, starring Shayne Ward and Justin Lee Collins, is set on the Los Angeles' Sunset Strip in 1987.

Awarding the show one star, Mr Spencer wrote: "This is as unpleasant a pile of theatrical poo as it has ever been my misfortune to tread in."

He went on to describe Ward as "distinctly charisma-less" and his co-star Lee Collins as having "fractionally more appeal".

In The Times, Dominic Maxwell agreed, calling the story "corny".

He said the script, which was written by Chris D'Arienzo, has "some nice touches", but does not "sustain two hours".

The show, which tells the story of Drew, a boy from South Detroit, and small-town girl Sherrie, who fall in love as they dream of stardom, has proved a major draw on Broadway.

ROCK OF AGES - the new London musical
ROCK OF AGES - the new London musical
Rock of Ages Musical London
Rock of Ages Musical London
Rock of Ages musical
Rock of Ages musical
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