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May 3, 2017
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Why not take advantage of the Dawsons instrument rental scheme for your child?

The start of the new school term is often the time that school students want to learn to play a musical instrument, and it is for these future musicians that our instrument rental scheme was devised.

The premise is simple- whilst many school students harbour ambitions of playing a musical instrument, parents may fear that the child will lose interest, after they have committed to buying the instrument. The rental scheme allows brass, woodwind and stringed instruments to rented for a minimum of three months, allowing the student to learn, without the full committal of purchasing.

How it works

  • Here is a brief summary of how the Dawsons instrument rental scheme works:
  • The instrument rental scheme is open to all school aged students, on almost all entry-level brass and woodwind instruments, and a selection of stringed instruments.
  • No deposit is required- the first instalment is paid in-store when taking out the rental agreement. The full term of the agreement is 24 months. If the rental is taken out for the full period, the instrument belongs to you after the 24th payment. However, the instrument rental agreement can be cancelled any time after the first three months.
  • If, some time into the agreement, you wish to purchase the instrument, you can do so.Yamaha YAS-280 Saxophone If this is within the first 12 months, the rental payments that have already been made are deducted from the original scheme purchase price (aside from a £15 administrative charge).
  • If you wish to purchase within the second 12 months, the price will be the sum of the remaining rental payments, minus ½% for each full month remaining before the end of the hire period.
  • Should you decide to upgrade, and purchase a better instrument within the first three months of the agreement, 80% of the rental payments that you have made will be credited against the purchase.
  • Dawsons will provide minor adjustments and repairs (of the type that occur through normal wear and tear) for free throughout the hire period. To ensure that the instrument is being maintained well, however, we require that you purchase a maintenance kit (priced at £16.99).
  • Although we will provide minor repairs for wear and tear through everyday use, the instrument is not insured. Therefore, any loss or damage is the responsibility of the person taking out the agreement.

All we need from you is:

  1. Some ID, providing your name and address. A driving license is ideal, but a utility bill dated within the last three months is also fine.
  2. Your current account details, in order to set-up a direct debit for payment
  3. The initial payment, for the first month’s rental
  4. Your credit or debit card
  5. For saxophone rentals, we will also need a letter from the school to confirm that the child for whom the instrument is to be rented for will be receiving tuition.

So, to get your budding musician on the way to becoming an accomplished player, visit one of our and take advantage of the Dawsons instrument rental scheme. If you have any further questions, by all means give them a call.

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