Broadway Musicals for Kids

January 25, 2016
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Broadway ShowsAs a parent who understands the impact the arts can have on a child’s life, you’ve probably thought about introducing your children to the wonderful world of musicals. For less than the cost of a ticket to Disneyland, you can introduce your child to these awe-inducing, inspiring productions with the many Broadway shows in San Diego.

Broadway Shows – What’s the Big Deal?

Broadway shows, originally named after the 40 professional theaters in the Theater district of Manhattan in New York City, are widely reputed to be the highest quality productions of commercial theater. Directly connected to Broadway New York, Broadway shows in San Diego represent this level of musical theater to residents of San Diego and surrounding areas.

Your First Broadway Show: Tips for You and Your Children

  • Keep age in mind. Children under 4 or 5 are generally not advised to attend most Broadway shows in San Diego. In fact, many theaters will not allow them to attend at this age. However, you can usually find other musicals and specific venues and playhouses geared toward younger children’s shorter attention spans. If you have a slightly older child, consider whether or not they can sit through the length of the shows, which are typically over 2 hours.
  • Understand how young children experience the art of storytelling. Young children experience theater differently than adults, since they often live in a world of pretend, where the line between reality and play is quite blurred. They often become mentally, emotionally, and (when allowed) physically involved in the story without reservations. This is an advantage in getting children excited about the arts.
  • Make sure content is appropriate. Choose your child’s first Broadway show wisely. “Little Women” might bore a young child, and “The Lion King”, though geared toward children, may still be scary for young or sensitive children. If you’re not sure how the show will be received, try film musicals at home before attending live Broadway shows.
  • Talk about manners. Remind children how they are expected to behave at the theater. Discuss both quiet times and times during the show when it is polite to clap. Make sure your kid are aware of how to let those sitting around them enjoy the show, as well.
  • Know before you go. Learning about the background of a musical before attending the show can make the show easier to follow and more enjoyable, particularly for younger children. For example, you could introduce your children to books and movies similar to the show they will be viewing before attending the show.
  • Arrive early, and consider when to depart. Arriving early will allow you time to use the restroom, find your seats, and explore the many areas of the theater children may find exciting, such as the edge of the stage and the orchestra pit. Recognize that it’s okay to leave early if your children are having difficulty lasting through the performance, or to take turns with another adult playing with rowdy children in the lobby area so the rest of your group can enjoy the show.
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